Student finance

Learners over the age of 19 may be required to pay tuition fees based on their course and circumstances.

Find out what you need to pay.

Although our Acculearn does its best to reduce fees, you may be required to cover other expenses such as exam fees and the cost of materials.

Students who receive one or more of the following may qualify for reduced fees or free entry:

This applys mainly on SFA funded courses subject to avauilability.

  • Unemployment benefit (Jobseeker’s Allowance)
  • Income Support
  • Family Credit
  • Disability Allowance
  • Housing Benefit/Council Tax rebate
  •  A retirement pension


24+ Loans

These loans are available to students completing courses at level 3, recipients must be aged over 24 and should be doing courses that started on or after 1st August 2014. The Government provides these funds and they do not need to be repaid until the students who receive them earn over £21,000 per year.

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